The following is a list of Atlanta Coffee Shops serving oat milk. Where available or known, also listed is the brand name of the oat milk that the coffee shop carries.

These responses are crowdsourced via the @atlantacoffeeshops Instagram page. If you would like to contribute a response, please send a DM to @atlantacoffeeshops.

Academy Coffee (Minor Figures)
Antoinette’s Cafe (
Califia Farms)
Aurora Coffee
Banjo Coffee (
Bellwood Coffee
Boulder Creek Coffee
Brash Coffee (both locations; Oatly)
Bread and Butter Bakery
Chattahoochee Coffee Company (both locations)
Chrome Yellow Trading Company
Cold Brew Bar/Dairies Coffeehouse
Copper Coin (Woodstock, GA; Oatly)
Crazy Love Coffee House
DeKalb Athletic Club (Minor Figures)
Docent Coffee (Oatly and
Califia Farms)
East Pole Coffee Company (Oatly)
Fellows Cafe (Minor Figures)
Full Commission (Califia Farms)
Hodgepodge Coffeehouse (both locations;
Pacific Foods—Barista Series)*
The James Room (Pacific Foods—Barista Series)*
Joe’s East Atlanta Village Coffee
Land of a Thousand Hills (Pacific Foods—Barista Series)*
Momo Cafe (Minor Figures)
Noble & Main (Cartersville, GA;
Planet Oat)
Octane Coffee (Oatly)
Peach Coffee Roasters (
Califia Farms)*
Read Shop (Oatly)*
Sheep & Meadow (Oatly)*
Spiller Park (both locations; Oatly)
Taproom Coffee (
Minor Figures)*
Three Heart Coffee Roastery
Tradewind Coffee (oat milk made in-house)*
Valor Coffee
Xander Coffee (Califia Farms)*

*Confirmed by the coffee shop via Instagram/email or noted/observed in person.

Note: this page was last updated on 9/19/2019.