Atlanta Coffee Shops (ACS) is experimenting with a Membership plan…

For over a year, everything on ACS has been the work of one person, and there are no plans to advertise on this website. I don’t work with PR firms for any content that I create, and almost 100% of the content so far has been created as a personal project. I have been following for many years independent creators that rely on patrons for support of their creative outlets (whether through Patreon, direct subscriptions, or some other methods). So I am experimenting…

There are two options for membership: a single donation of $3 for an Espresso Shot (think of this as a way of saying thanks by buying me a coffee; this is less a membership than a one-time transaction) and an ACS Supporter, which is a membership plan at $30/year (renews automatically once a year). For the time being, the ACS Supporter tier does not have any rewards or specific benefits. If you join at this tier, what you are saying is “I like this project and I want you to continue.” By joining at this ACS Supporter tier, you recognize that any specific rewards at this tier are non-existent at the moment, and that by pledging at this level, any specific benefits/rewards may take some time to materialize/develop. However, I have created an ACS Supporters page where I will include your name/city (with your permission, of course) as a way of acknowledging your support.

I will think of reward tiers as the site/audience grows, and expand memberships if memberships take off.

All memberships are through Memberful, and the payments are made through Stripe. I don’t see any of your payment information, other than that the payment has been processed successfully. Also, if you choose the ACS Supporter level, you can cancel/unsubscribe at any time without a hassle (I have personally tested how well Memberful handles cancellations/unsubscribes and it is a breeze). I want anyone who becomes a member to want to stay a member with the easiest unsubscribe/cancellation process possible.

Choose your membership option below:

Thank you for your support!



Suggestions for member-only material? Feel free to get in touch.