Books and Coffee at Read Shop in Vinings

If you’re a fan of both coffee and books, then you should add Read Shop by the Merchant in Vinings, GA to your itinerary.

Read Shop was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Dan Collier, who is known for his other businesses such as Atlanta's The Merchant, Collier Candy Company, and Archer Paper Goods.

Inside Read Shop, you may find bestseller books that make it to the New York Times list, as well as numerous fiction, non-fiction, garden books, cookbooks, children’s literature, and coffee-inspired books. The store also cycles through seasonal offerings of stationary and greeting cards.

With a similarity to Brother Moto, Read Shop didn’t serve coffee at the outset. As I learned from my conversation with the General Manager, Read Shop added the capacity (or evolved) to serve coffee within its premises (as a way to bring in extra foot traffic through the door). The concept has worked well and Read Shop is now a favorite among locals in Vinings and the surrounding Cobb county for great coffee, pastries, and books. A thank you goes out to Justin, a Manager at Read Shop, for making my cappuccino and speaking with me about the Shop.

Photos from my visit are below. As you can see, Read Shop is one of the cutest and coziest coffee shops in Atlanta.

Exterior of Read Shop by the Merchant. The outdoor patio is nice during warmer weather.

Plenty of free parking at Read Shop.

Interior of Read Shop.

Cozy interior of Read Shop.

Various books and cards for sale at Read Shop.

The greeting card display at Read Shop.

It wouldn’t be a true bookstore/coffee shop hybrid if books about coffee weren’t for sale.

Looking out toward the entrance at Read Shop.

Bestsellers and magazines on display at Read Shop.

These books are a bit harder to reach…

During my visit, I was impressed by the decor inside the shop and the neat coffee counter. Read Shop is partnered with Stumptown Coffee and traditional coffee beverages are available, as well as cold brew. There are also seasonal drinks, such as lavender latte and lavender chai latte, on the menu. If you’re a tea drinker, Read Shop has a selection of teas on the menu as well.

The coffee counter at Read Shop. Traditional espresso drinks, cold brew, nitro col brew, tea, and seasonal drinks are on the menu.

Order: cappuccino. Major props to Justin, a barista at Read Shop, for his friendly smile and coffee prep.

Chocolate croissant and cappuccino at Read Shop.

Some light reading.

Reading about cappuccino at Read Shop.

A comfortable setting.

Read Shop, of course, offers free Wi-Fi for its customers. The Wi-Fi password is Readmorebooks (how clever!).

The books at Read Shop are carefully curated by the owner—you can read more about that concept in this blog post. If you’re a book lover who happens to enjoy coffee, then definitely check out Read Shop in Vinings.

Read Shop by the Merchant
Web | Instagram

4300 Paces Ferry Rd SE #125,
Atlanta, GA 30339
Google Maps link
ph: 678-742-7853

Hours of operation:
Monday-Friday: 7AM to 7PM
Saturday: 8AM to 7PM
Sunday: 8AM to 6PM

Coffee with a View at Chattahoochee Coffee Company in Vinings, GA

Coffee with a view...

This is what you may expect when you visit Chattahoochee Coffee Company (Vikings location), which offers amazing views of the Chattahoochee River and surrounding forested well as a delicious selection of coffee.

However, to get here is not simply a matter of finding a parking space. The coffee house is located at the back of a residential apartment complex (The Walton on Chattahoochee). There is a gated entry and to get inside the complex you must dial 101 (alternatively, using the arrows on the visitor entry touchpad, scroll down to “Coffee Shop” in the directory). Then say “Coffee” or “Coffee Shop” and you should be granted entrance. It took me about five minutes to figure out the dial pad (never mind that I missed the turn into the complex on my first drive), but it was worth it!

If you want a unique coffee experience in a nature setting in Atlanta, definitely make the trek to Chattahoochee Coffee Company in Vinings. The only downside is that the Chattahoochee Coffee Company by the Chattahoochee River is not open on Saturday or Sunday! Otherwise, it’s definitely worth the visit during the work week.

Photos from Chattahoochee Coffee Company (Vinings/riverside location) are below.

Chattahoochee Coffee Company building.

Another angle of the picturesque setting.

The main coffee ordering area of Chattahoochee Coffee Company. Espresso drinks, brewed coffee, and tea are on the menu.

Chattahoochee Coffee Company serves Counter Culture coffee.

Looking around the coffee shop.

I ❤️ Coffee.

Coffee on the extensive outdoor patio/deck of Chattahoochee Coffee Company.

Outdoor views. Wouldn’t it be nice to lounge in one of those chairs?

Another outdoor view from Chattahoochee Coffee Company’s patio.

It was a misty/rainy evening, so not a lot outside activity.

Inside Chattahoochee Coffee Company.

Some friends chatting over coffee.

Exit, stage left.

The Vinings (riverside) location of Chattahoochee Coffee Company sits on one of the most picturesque plots of land in Atlanta. It is absolutely worth a visit to taste some amazing coffee and immerse yourself with the surrounding nature.

Take a stroll on the verdant grass, lounge on the long porch, or relax on one of the chairs next to the Chattahoochee River. Read a book. Meditate. You cannot go wrong at Chattahoochee Coffee Company, perhaps one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets!

Chattahoochee Coffee Company (Vinings / Riverside location)
6640 Akers Mill Rd. SE 
Atlanta, GA 30339
Google Maps link
ph: 770-955-0788

Hours of operation:

Monday-Friday: 7AM to 8PM
Saturday-Sunday: closed