Coffee and Elixirs at Gilly Brew Bar in the Historic Mayor's House in Stone Mountain, GA

Gilly Brew Bar is located in the historic Mayor’s House in Stone Mountain, GA. Husband and wife team Daniel and Shellane Brown have worked together over the last three years to convert this vintage white home into a collection of businesses; the first completed phase was Gilly Brew Bar, a coffee shop with an eclectic coffee and tea menu. Future expansions call for a restaurant under the same roof at The Mayor’s House.

A brief profile of Stone Mountain, The Mayor’s House, and the opening of Gilly Brew Company is featured in the video below.

Here is how Daniel Brown, founder of Gilly Brew Bar, described the project and its purpose to bring community to Stone Mountain, GA:

As we dug deeper into this project, we quickly realized that we are positioned between a rock (Stone Mountain Park) and a hard place (City Hall Municipality). The largest stone mass in the world sits in our backyard, and it draws millions of visitors year round, making it Georgia’s top tourist destination. However, Stone Mountain Village is arguably one of the most negatively branded cities in America. Ironically and unfortunately, this mountain has also been the canvas of the largest confederate monument in the United States. This message has been very difficult to ignore, and for many, nearly impossible to forget. The racial divide and questionable history here have resulted in an under-developed downtown area, and dying sense of community. This is where our vision steps in: We believe that this property and dream will become the catalyst for transformation in Stone Mountain, GA.

In a true sense of community, Daniel Brown also envisions The Mayor’s House to serve as a collaborative work environment for local area entrepreneurs and business owners.

I had the chance to visit The Mayor’s House and Gilly Brew Bar a couple of weeks after it held its grand opening in June 2018. Photos from my visit to Gilly Brew Bar are below.

Daniel Brown, owner of Gilly Brew Bar, prepares my order. The Jamaican flag and the Union Jack are a reminder of Daniel’s family/relatives who have called Jamaica and the U.K. home.

The drinks at Gilly Brew Bar are based on a cocktail approach (they are called elixirs). The elixirs are rotated seasonally (a selection of the fall and winter elixirs appear on Gilly Brew Company’s YouTube channel).

The summer elixir menu at Gilly Brewing Company.

At the counter at Gilly Brew Bar.

During my visit, I decided to order “The Bey” per recommendation from Daniel. It was half lemonade, half cold brew coffee. Here is how Gilly Brew Bar describes “The Bey” from its summer collection:

The Bey is our most aesthetic beverage and is inspired by the Arnold Palmer and Yonce herself. Not only is this drink drop dead gorgeous, but it’s equally as delicious. The mellow mix of lemonade, basil, and cold brew leave you feeling chic and lively. In honor of Queen Bee we’ve even sweetened this one with a bit of honey. A big shoutout to all the ladies on this one. Take some swigs of the Bey and be reminded who runs the world…

The Bey, named after (and inspired by) Beyoncé.

The coffee and lemonade combination of The Bey was sublime and so very refreshing. I had never thought that lemonade and coffee could go so well together!

Naturally, I took the Bey to Gilly’s outdoor patio to enjoy it there:

The Bey at the outdoor patio at Gilly Brew Company.

The outdoor patio at Gilly Brew Bar is dog-friendly :-).

Looking toward the main entrance of Gilly Brew Bar.

The Mayor’s House in Stone Mountain Village was built in the 1800’s and was the residence of Mayor Andrew Johnson during the time of the Civil War. After renovations were completed, Gilly Brew Bar has an upstairs area which visitors can explore and/or drink their beverages.

View of Gilly Brew Bar from the stairs leading up to the second floor of The Mayor’s House.

Summer Elixirs were profiled in the second floor of Gilly Brew Bar.

The upstairs space at The Mayor’s House has ample sunlight.

A natural look—note the moss—adorns the walls of Gilly Brewing Company.

Gilly Brew Bar interior.

Gilly Brew Bar is located outside the perimeter in Atlanta, but it is definitely worth a trip to try their unique take on coffee concoctions with such seasonal elixirs as the Bey, the Hippie, Americoco, and the Gilbert. The beautiful historical setting and the very friendly owner(s) at Gilly only add to the amazing experience there. I highly recommend checking out Gilly Brew Bar if you’re in the Atlanta area.

Also, keep an eye out on the expansion of The Mayor’s House, as there are plans for a restaurant to arrive in the space in early 2019.

Gilly Brew Bar
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