New Coffee Shop Now Open in Buckhead: Xander Coffee

There’s a new coffee shop that is now open in Buckhead on Peachtree Road: Xander Coffee. This coffee shop is located inside Kefi, an innovative new concept for facilitating and inspiring play. Kefi is described by its CEO, Drew Panayiotou, as a “playtainment paradise for families where kids can enjoy a wonderland of the latest toys and other kid-friendly adventures and activities.” From the official press release about Kefi:

The 25,000-square-foot space is designed for the whole family, combining technology, immersive storytelling and thoughtful design to offer weekly ‘we time’ and ‘me time’ under the same roof. For kids, Kefi is a wonderland where they can place themselves inside stories, create their own music and enjoy the latest toys. Parents can choose to join their kids on Kefi play adventures, spend time as a family in the high-end coffee bar and café, Xander, or take time for themselves in parent-only co-working and relaxation areas built just for them.

The location of Kefi and Xander Coffee is 3637 Peachtree Road (at the intersection of Peachtree and Wieuca Roads, in the Buckhead Triangle shopping center). The overall space was previously occupied by HH Gregg before it went out of business.

Atlanta Coffee Shops was on site in early September to get a brief tour of the space and meet the team at Xander Coffee. The photos from the space are below. The major highlights:

  • Separate entrance to Xander Coffee from Kefi (i.e., no admission/ticket required)

  • Open, modern interior aesthetic with a beautiful outdoor patio

  • A coffee partnership with Counter Culture Coffee

  • A Modbar espresso set-up

  • An SP-9 Marco Beverage Systems dual set-up for automated pour-overs

  • Seating for adults and children

  • Free Wi-Fi and plenty of electrical outlets

Detailed impressions and photos are below.

The Space

Xander Coffee is a beautiful space that features plenty of natural light that filters through the garage doors. These doors open daily/seasonally depending on the ambient temperature. During the ACS visit, they were open briefly and then closed in the late afternoon.

There is plenty of seating inside, from the large communal table near the front of the coffee shop to the small tables for one to two people on the other side of Xander Coffee. The back of Xander Coffee also features cushioned seating.

Interior of Xander Coffee.

A wide-angle view of inside Xander Coffee. A hip, modern aesthetic is prevalent throughout the space.

Comfortable seating for one to two people at Xander Coffee.

Inside Xander Coffee. Counter Culture Coffee is the roasting partner.

Details from inside Xander Coffee.

“Welcome All Cookie Monsters”—a sign at Xander Coffee. There are fresh-baked cookies in this corner of the coffee shop.

Interior view of Xander Coffee.

Interior views at Xander Coffee.

One of the most innovative elements at Xander Coffee is the Modbar set-up for espresso. There are only a handful of Atlanta-area coffee shops that have implemented this system (notably, the other coffee shop that has Modbar is Brash Coffee inside the Atlanta History Center).

An espresso on pull from a Modbar set-up.

The second innovative element for coffee aficionados is the SP-9 automated pour-over system from Marco Beverages. This is the first encounter by ACS of such machines at an Atlanta-area coffee shop. ACS saw these machines in action at East One Coffee Roasters in New York City.

SP-9 dual pour-over system from Marco Beverage Systems.

The Menu

The menu at Xander Coffee consists of the traditional coffee options as well as tea and some pastries/baked goods in partnership with Proof Bakeshop and Sweet Loren’s cookies. The coffee supplier/partner at Xander Coffee is Counter Culture Coffee (Durham, NC). Xander uses Counter Culture’s “Big Trouble” for its espresso and “Hologram” for the drip/pour-overs.

Full menu at Xander Coffee is seen below.

Xander Coffee offers milk alternatives, including oat milk (currently stocked: Califia Farms).

The menu at Xander Coffee. Menu is current as of 9/4/2019.

Ice cold beverages are available for purchase, including Honest Tea and Topo Chico mineral water.

Ice-cold drinks are available for purchase at Xander Coffee.

There is plenty of Topo Chico!

Pastries/croissants are in partnership with Atlanta’s Proof Bakeshop.

What’s More

There are several additional items that are worth pointing out about Xander Coffee. First, there is seating for both adults and children, which makes it a convenient stop even if you decide not to check out the Kefi space. However, based on the design of the space, parents can migrate to the coffee shop while kids are playing inside Kefi (there is some technology at Kefi in which kids are outfitted with Kefi Play Bracelets, allowing kids to be monitored/safe).

Seating for children at the back of Xander Coffee.

There are also board games which adults can try out, which are also available for purchase. Here, a staff member was testing Rush Hour.

If You Go

If you visit Xander Coffee, keep in mind that this coffee shop just opened over the Labor Day Weekend, so there are some areas under development/construction. There’s not yet a dedicated sign that advertises Xander Coffee beyond a coffee mug at the top of the brick and mortar entrance.

The current opening hours are Monday-Saturday, 6:30AM to 9PM.

ACS will expand this post with additional photos and notes in the coming days/weeks.

Editor’s Note: thanks to ACS reader Elisa W. for the tip about the opening of Xander Coffee. If you have a tip/suggestion to make about an Atlanta coffee shop, please use the contact form.

Xander Coffee
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Buckhead ☕Atlanta ☕ ITP

3637 Peachtree Road NE
Suite D
Atlanta, GA 30319
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Hours of operation:
Monday-Saturday: 6:30AM to 9PM (tentative)

Coffee Roaster / Roasting Partner:
Counter Culture Coffee (Durham, NC)

A Taste of French Authenticity at Café Vendôme in Buckhead

Featured in today’s post is Café Vendôme in the Buckhead/Sandy Springs neighborhood of Atlanta. I had the chance to visit this lovely spot last month.

Café Vendôme is more than just a coffee shop, but a full-fledged bakery in which pastries, baguettes, desserts, and other goods are baked in-house on a day-to-day basis.

During my visit, I spent some time talking with Hamid, the owner of Café Vendôme. One of the things Hamid mentioned is that before founding Café Vendôme, Hamid scoured Atlanta and was not able to find truly authentic French bakeries; his vision came to reality a couple of years ago with the founding of Café Vendôme. Hamid actually spent majority of his career in a technical field (telecommunications) but always had an eye (and taste) for quality food. I asked him if his previous experience working in a technical field was a deterrent for opening up a bakery, and he mentioned that, in fact, it was in many ways advantageous because he built up valuable business experience that translated to owning and running a small business like Café Vendôme.

From the fresh food to the interior decor to the ovens (imported from France) to the counters on which desserts are placed—everything is French (or European) inspired. According to Hamid, the crowds have flocked to Café Vendôme since day one. In fact, the café has been such a popular success over the last two years that a new location of Café Vendôme is opening up at the City Walk in Sandy Springs in late December 2018!

Photos from my recent visit are below.

Exterior view of Café Vendôme. The building entrance is located at the back side of the Belle Isle Square on Roswell Road.

Front entrance to Café Vendôme. The building entrance is located at the back side of the Belle Isle Square on Roswell Road.

Interior of Café Vendôme. Hamid, the owner, is seen in the background.

Interior of Café Vendôme. The macarons decorate a miniature Eiffel Tower near the entrance.

One of my favorite parts about Café Vendôme is the interior decor, but especially the wallpaper adorning the wall below. It is life-size and feels like the room is extending into Rue de Francs Bourgeois at Place de Vosges. That bicycle looks as though it is inside Café Vendôme—alas, it is part of the wallpaper!

Interior of Café Vendôme. The painting in the background is incredible.

Hand-written notes seen inside the café.

Croissants and other freshly-baked pastries on display at Café Vendôme.

Fresh baguettes!

An assortment of desserts.

Tartelettes—a chef’s assortment of delicious tartes.

Various eclairs on display.

Another notable aspect of Café Vendôme is the area where the baking/cooking takes place—open for viewing. This part of the bakery is really popular with kids:

An area at the back of Café Vendôme where visitors can observe the baking process in action. Culinary art live!

Plenty of seating at Café Vendôme including high chairs and comfortable couches.

Fresh baguette ready for consumption!


And in case you were wondering about the coffee: the beans are sourced from Counter Culture Coffee and all of the baristas at Café Vendôme have been personally trained by their team.

A mocha that I ordered at Café Vendôme.

If you’re looking for an authentic French bakery and coffee shop in the Atlanta area, look no further than Café Vendôme. From my conversations with the owner, Hamid, and tasting of the food and coffee here, every effort is made to deliver an amazing experience.

I’m really looking forward to checking out the new Café Vendôme opening up in Sandy Springs City Walk soon!

Café Vendôme
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4969 Roswell Rd, Suite #155
Atlanta, GA 30342
Google Maps link
ph: 404-551-5163

Hours of operation:
Monday-Saturday: 8AM to 6PM
Sunday: 8AM to 4PM

Coffee and Avocado Toast at Boulder Creek Coffee in Lawrenceville, GA

Boulder Creek Coffee in Lawrenceville is an independent coffee shop in suburban Gwinnett County, GA. This coffee shop offers a wide range of drinks and food, partners with a number of local vendors, and is located in a beautiful setting at the historic Jule Oakes House.

A few photos from a recent visit are profiled below.

The Jule Oakes House

The current location of Boulder Creek Coffee is within the Jule Oakes House (built in 1893), which is the namesake of businessman and mayor of Lawrenceville from 1949 to 1950, Jule Oakes. Prior to Boulder Creek Coffee’s relocation (from Buford, GA) to this historic home in March 2018, the Jule Oakes House served as Lawrenceville’s Visitor Center and housed the administrative offices of both the Lawrenceville Tourism and Trade Association and the Lawrenceville Downtown Development Authority.

This is a majestic space, and Boulder Creek Coffee occupies both floors of this house.

Front entrance of Boulder Creek Coffee at the historic Jule Oakes House at 233 E. Crogan St., Lawrenceville, GA.

Side entrance of Boulder Creek Coffee at the historic Jule Oakes House at 233 E. Crogan St., Lawrenceville, GA.

Drive-thru is available at Boulder Creek Coffee.

The front and side porches of the Jule Oakes House provide ample outdoor seating:

The front porch of the Jule Oakes House at Boulder Creek Coffee.

Front porch of Boulder Creek Coffee at the historic Jule Oakes House.

Looking out toward E. Crogan Street and downtown Lawrenceville, GA.

The Menu at Boulder Creek Coffee

Boulder Creek Coffee serves Counter Culture Coffee, Rishi Tea, Intelligentsia Tea, and Cabbagetown Chai. The menu is extensive, offering sandwiches and breakfast items (served all day!). Boulder Creek Coffee partners with local vendors such as Emily G’s Jam, Fussell Cake Company, Harlow’s Vegan Cupcakes, Pure Bliss Organics, and Seven Sisters Scones to offer various fresh and packaged goods inside their store.

Dessert items on display at Boulder Creek coffee.

On this particular day, I decided to try out the avocado toast. It was delicious!

Avocado toast (served all day!) at Boulder Creek Coffee in Lawrenceville, GA. The avocado toast comes with sea salt, cracked paper, and bacon.

The vastness of the Jule Oakes House means that patrons can choose to drink/eat either on the first or second floor of the Jule Oakes House—Boulder Creek Coffee was wise to set up a separate Wi-Fi for downstairs and one for the upstairs. In addition to three study/quiet rooms (such as this) on the second floor, there is a conference room upstairs which large parties can reserve by contacting Boulder Creek staff.

If you find yourself in Lawrenceville, Boulder Creek Coffee is worth a drop-by for the food, coffee, and the wonderful ambiance in the historic Jule Oakes House.


You can see more photos from Boulder Creek Coffee here and also find it on the recently updated Atlanta Coffee Shops map.

Boulder Creek Coffee
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233 East Crogan St.
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
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ph: 678-765-7985

Hours of operation:
Monday-Thursday: 6AM to 9PM
Friday: 6AM to 11PM
Saturday: 9AM to 11PM
Sunday: closed

Coffee with a View at Chattahoochee Coffee Company in Vinings, GA

Coffee with a view...

This is what you may expect when you visit Chattahoochee Coffee Company (Vikings location), which offers amazing views of the Chattahoochee River and surrounding forested well as a delicious selection of coffee.

However, to get here is not simply a matter of finding a parking space. The coffee house is located at the back of a residential apartment complex (The Walton on Chattahoochee). There is a gated entry and to get inside the complex you must dial 101 (alternatively, using the arrows on the visitor entry touchpad, scroll down to “Coffee Shop” in the directory). Then say “Coffee” or “Coffee Shop” and you should be granted entrance. It took me about five minutes to figure out the dial pad (never mind that I missed the turn into the complex on my first drive), but it was worth it!

If you want a unique coffee experience in a nature setting in Atlanta, definitely make the trek to Chattahoochee Coffee Company in Vinings. The only downside is that the Chattahoochee Coffee Company by the Chattahoochee River is not open on Saturday or Sunday! Otherwise, it’s definitely worth the visit during the work week.

Photos from Chattahoochee Coffee Company (Vinings/riverside location) are below.

Chattahoochee Coffee Company building.

Another angle of the picturesque setting.

The main coffee ordering area of Chattahoochee Coffee Company. Espresso drinks, brewed coffee, and tea are on the menu.

Chattahoochee Coffee Company serves Counter Culture coffee.

Looking around the coffee shop.

I ❤️ Coffee.

Coffee on the extensive outdoor patio/deck of Chattahoochee Coffee Company.

Outdoor views. Wouldn’t it be nice to lounge in one of those chairs?

Another outdoor view from Chattahoochee Coffee Company’s patio.

It was a misty/rainy evening, so not a lot outside activity.

Inside Chattahoochee Coffee Company.

Some friends chatting over coffee.

Exit, stage left.

The Vinings (riverside) location of Chattahoochee Coffee Company sits on one of the most picturesque plots of land in Atlanta. It is absolutely worth a visit to taste some amazing coffee and immerse yourself with the surrounding nature.

Take a stroll on the verdant grass, lounge on the long porch, or relax on one of the chairs next to the Chattahoochee River. Read a book. Meditate. You cannot go wrong at Chattahoochee Coffee Company, perhaps one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets!

Chattahoochee Coffee Company (Vinings / Riverside location)
6640 Akers Mill Rd. SE 
Atlanta, GA 30339
Google Maps link
ph: 770-955-0788

Hours of operation:

Monday-Friday: 7AM to 8PM
Saturday-Sunday: closed