Hodgepodge Coffeehouse Is Now Open in Reynoldstown

Hodgepodge Coffeehouse opened its second location in Reynoldstown in April 2019. Unlike the original location (also on Moreland Avenue) in East Atlanta, the Reynoldstown shop is compact at around 900 square feet. However, the space feels large with tall ceilings and plenty of window light. And in the spirit of the original Hodgepodge location, this Reynoldstown shop currently features local artwork and will expand to feature more local artists and merchandise for purchase in the fall.

The coffee shop is partnered with Batdorf & Bronson for its coffee supply, and there are plenty of coffee and seasonal drinks on the menu. There are also fresh baked options on the menu.

This post is organized into three parts:

  1. Photos of the interior of Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in Reynoldtown

  2. The Menu

  3. A brief Q&A with Krystle Rodriguez, owner of Hodgepodge Coffeehouse

Interior Views

Interior view of Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in Reynoldstown.

Details inside Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in Reynoldstown.

Wide-angle views inside Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in Reynoldstown.

Tools of the trade: Nuova Simonelli espresso machine.

Back wall at Hodgepodge Coffeehouse. T-shirts and coffee beans are for sale.

Interior views.

A coffee bar at Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in Reynoldstown.

Details inside Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in Reynoldstown.

The Menu

The Reynoldstown location of Hodgepodge offers various coffee options. Hodgepodge Coffeehouse is partnered with Batdorf & Bronson (Olympia, WA) for its coffee. On the menu in terms of coffee offerings are:

  • Drip coffee (12oz/16oz/20oz)

  • Cold brew (16oz/20oz)

  • Cafe au lait (12oz/16oz/20oz)

  • Pour over

  • Espresso options (Americano, macchiato, cortado) in an 8oz size and cappuccino/latte in 08z/12oz/16oz/20oz size options

Also on offer are hot drinks including chai latte, hot chocolate, matcha latte, golden latte, and tea. Cold drink options include lemonade, green tea, black tea, Italian soda, Thai tea, and ginger beer.

There also Signature Drinks (prices are $5/$5.50/$6 for 12oz/16oz/20oz sizes, respectively):

  • “Bless Your Heart”—caramel and vanilla latte

  • “Oh Honey”—honey and vanilla latte

  • “Mocha Caliente”—chocolate and cinammon spiced latte

  • “Slap Yo Pappy”—Ghirardelli chocolate and half&half cold brew concentrate (the most caffeinated drink option at Hodgepodge)

In terms of food options, Hodgepodge Coffeehouse offers biscuits, scones, banana bread (without nuts), chocolate chip cookies, paleo brownies, and bagels. The baked goods are prepared at the kitchen in the original Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in East Atlanta and delivered to the Reynoldstown location several times per week. Note for those with allergies: Hodgepodge Coffeehouse does not offer any food products with nuts.

There are also seasonal specials on the menu, as seen below:

The food menu at Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in Reynoldstown.

Interior vibes at Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in Reynoldstown.

A Q&A with Krystle Rodriguez, Owner of Hodgepodge Coffeehouse

Following is a brief Q&A conducted by Atlanta Coffee Shops with Krystle Rodriguez, the owner of Hodgepodge Coffeehouse.

Q: How long was the idea to open up the second location of Hodgepodge in the works? Did you have a location in mind immediately or did you scout numerous places before settling on Reynoldstown?

KR: It actually came along pretty quickly. Ren from Batdorf and Bronson, the roaster we serve, reached out to me and let me know about the location. He said they had contacted Batdorf but B&B doesn't like opening up locations near current accounts so they were going to pass. But he really urged me to reach out because he thought it would be a great location to us. So I reached out to Stan, the building owner, saw the space, and realized pretty quickly that it would be a great fit for us.

Q: Are there any similar design elements/characteristics in this second shop compared to the first one?

KR: I think there are definitely some similarities. The space is about a third the size of our original location, but we're located inside of a building that was probably built in the same time period as 720 Moreland. So we have the exposed brick on the walls, concrete floors, and we kept this space bright and white as well. And, of course, we have the same awesome team that people know from our original space.

Q: Are you partnered with Batdorf & Bronson exclusively for coffee, or are there any rotatingcoffee roasters at this location?

KR: We are still partnered with B&B and plan to stay with them until we decide to roast our own coffee, if we ever get to that point.

Q: With respect to the baked goods, are they made in-house or do you have a partnership with a local bakery?

KR: We bake all of our baked goods in-house at 720 Moreland. So we deliver right down the street to our Reynoldstown location multiple times a week.

Q: Are you now, or will you in the future, look for submission from local artists that can exhibit their work inside the coffee shop? This is something Atlanta Coffee Shops is trying to profile in the near future.

KR: We definitely plan on having local merch and art in our Reynoldstown location. I hope to have it all set up at some point this fall.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like the general audience to know about this latest opening of Hodgepodge that hasn't been covered?

KR: We're just really excited to be able to open a new space in Reynoldstown! Everyone has been so welcoming and we hope we can be a part of this community the way we are on the southside of 20!

If you want to learn more about Krystal and the founding of the original Hodgepodge Coffeehouse, I highly recommended reading this interview with Krystal conducted with the Atlanta non-profit, Dream Warriors Foundation.

Final Word

For those of you looking to check out a new coffee shop in the metro Atlanta area (and in the vibrant Reynoldstown community), check out Hodgepodge Coffeehouse at 1 Moreland Avenue SE. Tip: Don’t forget to capture an Instagram-worthy photo in front of this sign.

A third Hodgepodge is slated to open in the Summerhill neighborhood of Atlanta in 2021.

Hodgepodge Coffeehouse (Reynoldstown location)
Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Reynoldstown ☕Atlanta ☕ ITP

1 Moreland Avenue SE
Suite C
Atlanta, GA 30316
Google Maps link

Hours of operation:
Monday-Saturday: 7AM to 5PM
Sunday: 8AM to 5PM

Coffee Roaster / Roasting Partner:
Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters (Olympia, WA)

Atlanta Coffee Shops: Travel Edition

If you’ve been paying attention to the stories posted on the @atlantacoffeeshops Instagram account, you may have noticed some coffee shop stories appearing from outside of Atlanta. Dubbed “Atlanta Coffee Shops Travel Edition” or “ACS Travel edition,” stories have appeared from Chattanooga and New York City (the stories from NYC were hashtagged as #ACSinNYC).

While the posts from these travel destinations won’t make it to the main Instagram feed of @atlantacoffeeshops, these coffee shops outside of Atlanta will appear in a new dedicated section of the website called “Travel.”

Right now, there are six coffee shops featured (three from Chattanooga, TN and three from New York City). Click on the title of each coffee shop to be taken to the coffee shop’s respective landing page.

Bluestone Lane (Brooklyn, NYC)

Bluestone Lane in Brooklyn, NYC.

Cadence Coffee House in Chattanooga, TN.

Interior of East One Coffee Roasters in New York City.

Goodman Coffee Roasters in Chattanooga, TN.

Mean Mug Coffeehouse in Chattanooga, TN.

Urban Backyard in New York City.

As usual, all the coffee shop photos that are featured are captured with professional camera equipment (the iPhone only images will only appear on Instagram stories).

Keep an eye out on the expansion of the Travel section in the weeks and months to come, especially as I travel more to the New York City area and explore the coffee scene there.

Do you have any recommendations for a future Atlanta Coffee Shops travel destination? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Editor’s Note: The Travel section is currently set up as folder in the navigation structure of the website and defaults to the first alphabetically listed coffee shop in the series; this structure may be changed in the future on this site.

When Harry Met Atlanta: Exploring Harry Bakes Cafe inside Caravaca Market in Midtown Atlanta

Today’s spotlight is on Harry Bakes Cafe, a unique coffee shop located inside Caravaca Market Hall in Midtown Atlanta.

The owner of Harry Bakes Cafe is Harry Pagancoss, a Puerto Rican native. Harry is a celebrity chef who’s traveled the world widely in search of culinary adventures. Harry's culinary training began when he was just 8 years old and has taken him around the world to countries like Peru, Italy, and France. Harry’s first book, Pure Pleasure: Spellbinding Recipes is available on Amazon.

Harry’s career in television began as a guest chef on Telemundo's international morning show, Levantate, which was seen in over 26 countries. From there, Harry appeared as a guest on the Morning Show on the CW Network, followed by being a host on TV Azteca’s Mananeando. Harry has also collaborated with MTV Tr3s, with audiences in all of Latin America and the United States. Most recently, Harry was host of Turner's Latin American travelogue called GPS: Guided by Flavors. This latest venture is what brought Harry to Atlanta.

For the curious, there are many videos on Harry’s YouTube channel; below are highlights of Harry enjoying coffee in Puerto Rico and one of Harry’s talent videos.


Harry Bakes Cafe in Atlanta

Harry Bakes Cafe in Atlanta is actually a continuation of Harry Bakes Cafe which first opened in Miami, FL in 2008. After Harry moved to Atlanta about five years ago to work with various media, he began thinking about opening up a restaurant of his own in Atlanta. Harry expanded on the Harry Bakes concept with Harry Bakes Cafe integrated into Caravaca Market, alongside World Taste Bar and Remember Billiards & Lounge (an event space from which you can order food from World Taste Bar or Harry Bakes Cafe).

Today, Caravaca Market is a “culinary sanctuary of the city of Atlanta boasting restaurants, bars, and the best world cuisine around.” In case you are curious, Caravaca Market is named after Caravaca de la Cruz, a holy city in Southern Spain. Harry Bakes Cafe, World Taste Bar, and Remember Billiards & Lounge are separate branded entities within Caravaca Market, but they are all located under one roof and seamlessly connected with each other. When I spoke with Harry, he explained that all of his worldwide travels and culinary experiences have led to this culmination for the creation of Caravaca Market.

The day I visited Harry Bakes Cafe, I didn’t have a set plan to meet Harry. However, as I sat down to enjoy a cup of cappuccino and a Mallorca sandwich, Harry saw me with my camera gear and came by to say hello. Coincidentally, during my visit, a food blogger named Kristen Dior Abdus-Salaam (better known as Atlanta Food Guy, or AFG) was also visiting Caravaca Market / Harry Bakes Cafe / World Taste Bar. I saw Atlanta Food Guy getting a tour of the space and during a short break, I introduced myself. This introduction led to Harry chatting with us for about an hour, talking about his travels and culinary experience, how Caravaca Market came to be, and more. During this time, Harry also pointed out some special items on the menu and asked if we wanted to sample anything. I opted to try one of the cocktails on the menu at World Taste Bar—the drink I chose, “Berry Peaceful,” was light and refreshing. (Thanks, Harry, for this tasting!).

I then went on a mini-tour of the space with Harry, who explained the concept of Caravaca Market, Harry Bakes Cafe, and World Taste Bar. Caracava is meant to be a one-place stop: a small grocery store for items like wine, cheese, and pasta; a coffee and pastry stop at Harry Bakes Cafe; a lunch/brunch and/or cocktail spot at World Taste Bar; and finally, a place to relax and/or play pool at the far edge of Caravaca Market (it’s called Remember Billiards & Lounge). It’s an amazing concept and I highly recommend you check it out for yourself. The slogan “Eat. Drink. Play. Shop” is apropos for this space.

Photos from my visit are below. I highlight the spaces within Caravaca Market in the captions.

The counter and menu at Harry Bakes Cafe inside Caravaca Market.

A chicken sandwich on Mallorca bread, topped with powdered sugar, at Harry Bakes Cafe.

Cappuccino at Harry Bakes Cafe inside Caravaca Market.

The tables at World Taste Bar inside Caravaca Market.

Various cheeses for sale inside Caravaca Market.

Canned items, juices, and other goods on sale inside Caravaca Market.

The interior of Caravaca Market—there is plenty of space to enjoy a meal or to drink coffee to start your day.

The counter at Harry Bakes Cafe inside Caravaca Market.

Tea for sale at Caravaca Market.

Wide view of the tables at Caravaca Market—the front of World Taste Bar is to the back of this scene.

Desserts in the counter at Harry Bakes Cafe inside Caravaca Market.

Desserts in the counter at Harry Bakes Cafe inside Caravaca Market.

Taking in the surroundings at Harry Bakes Cafe inside Caravaca Market.

Details from Caravaca Market.

The Bodega inside Caravaca Market has wine and other goods for your shopping convenience.

Comfortable chairs next to the Harry Bakes Cafe. Note: Harry may be seen in the background of this image at left.

Wide view of the Caravaca Market interior.

Front of the World Taste Bar inside Caravaca Market. Come here for lunch, brunch, or cocktails.

The Beer Bar and pool hall inside Caravaca Market. The pool hall inside Caravaca Market is a separate space called Remember Billiards & Lounge.

On the scene: Atlanta Food Guy conducting a live Instagram interview with Harry Pagancoss, owner of Harry Bakes Cafe and Caravaca Market.

Keep Calm and Caravaca Market.

If you’re in Midtown Atlanta, I definitely recommend checking out Caravaca Market and its various offerings: from the coffee and delicious pastries/snacks at Harry Bakes Cafe to the cocktail and lunch offerings at World Taste Bar. And if you happen to meet Harry during your visit, say hi. Harry is one of the friendliest persons I have met in the Atlanta dining scene.

NOTE: Parts of Caravaca Market are still under development, and in fact, a larger Harry Bakes Cafe is currently under construction just a few feet away from where the pool hall/Remember Billiards & Lounge is located inside Caravaca Market. This new front of Harry Bakes Cafe is slated to open in late February 2018.

I’ll update this post with an update when the new Harry Bakes Cafe is unveiled!

Harry Bakes Café (Inside Caravaca Market)
Web | Facebook | Instagram

782 Peachtree Street NE Suite B
Atlanta GA 30308
(inside Caravaca Market)
Google Maps link
ph: 404-565-0580

Hours of operation:
Monday: 8AM to 5PM
Tuesday-Thursday: 8AM to 10PM
Friday: 8AM to 11PM
Saturday: 10:30AM to 11PM
Sunday: 10:30AM to 6PM

Coffee and Waffles at Arte 3 Cafe in Suwanee, GA

Located in a nondescript shopping mall in Suwanee, the Arte 3 Cafe is a Korean-inspired coffee shop serving coffee, tea, bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert), Korean fish-shaped pastry (bungeo-ppang), and fish bread ice cream. However, perhaps what Arte 3 is best known for are the large, fruit-topped waffles that are freshly prepared.

The Suwanee location of Arte 3 Cafe is the second one to open in Gwinnett County; the other location is located in Duluth, GA.

Photos from a recent trip to the Arte 3 Cafe in Suwanee are below. As you’ll see, the interior is spacious and inviting—two large rooms to get work done with fast Wi-Fi. If you come with a group of six or more, there are reserved, private tables which you can claim without any reservation.

Exterior of Arte 3 Cafe in Suwanee, GA.

Front counter of Arte 3 Cafe. Fish bread, waffles, shaved ice, bubble smoothies, hot tea, ice cream, and coffee are all on the menu.

Preparing customer orders at Arte 3 Cafe.

Interior of Arte 3 Cafe—lots of light from large windows and plenty of lighting.

One of the large rooms with high chairs for setting your laptops, books, etc. To the right: semi-private tables for more privacy.

Interior decorations inside Arte 3 Cafe. Live cacti are a nice touch.

Interior decor at Arte 3 Cafe.

Interior of Arte 3 Cafe—the table on the left offers plenty of natural light during the day. For larger parties (six or more), you can sit at some of the large tables (such as the one seen here in the middle of the frame in the background).

As mentioned, the waffles at Arte 3 are perhaps their most popular dessert. I asked which of the flavors was the most popular from the five options (regular, green tea, chocolate, fruit choco, walnut) and was told the regular was the most popular, which is the one I ordered. The waffle was topped with fresh kiwis, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, and ice cream. Caramel and chocolate drizzle topped off the waffle. The waffle portion was massive, so I recommend ordering one if you are really hungry or want to share!

A regular waffle order at Arte 3. Note: this is a large waffle.

Another view of the regular waffle at Arte 3 Cafe.

Interior decor at Arte 3 Cafe.

Inside the elevated corridor at Arte 3 Cafe. Plenty of space!

Front counter at Arte 3 Cafe showing some dessert items available for purchase.

Wide-angle view of Arte 3 Cafe: the bathrooms are straight in the back, the elevated corridor is to the right of the frame.

Art at Arte3 Cafe.

Check out either of the Arte 3 locations in Gwinnett County next time you’re craving a waffle, bingsu (bingsoo), or some coffee/tea. Unfortunately, Arte 3 Cafe doesn’t appear to be active on social media, so good luck posting your #ArtWaffle or #ArteBingsu hashtagged photos on Instagram or Facebook!

Arte 3 Cafe (Suwannee Location)

1291 Old Peachtree Rd NW, Suite #206
Suwanee, GA 30024
Google Maps link
ph: 770-623-5200

Hours of operation:
Monday-Saturday: 10AM to 12AM
Sunday: 12PM to 11PM

Arte 3 Cafe (Duluth Location)

3705 Old Norcross Rd
Duluth, GA 30096
Google Maps link
ph: 770-622-3903

Hours of operation:
Monday-Saturday: 10AM to 12AM
Sunday: 12PM to 12AM

San Francisco Roasting Company in the Virginia Highlands Neighborhood of Atlanta

It’s not often that you encounter an independent coffee shop that has been in existence for more than twenty years. However, San Francisco Roasting Company belongs in this hallowed category; more than twenty years ago, Doug and Tanya Bond traveled from San Francisco to Atlanta to start their journey of opening up a coffee shop in the Atlanta area. Today, San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company serves the Atlanta community with three stores (Virginia Highlands, Poncey Highlands, and Candler Park) offering quality, fresh roasted coffee on a daily basis.

I had the chance to visit the Virginia Highlands location and can attest to the friendly nature of the baristas, the quality of the coffee, and wonderful atmosphere all-around.

Exterior and Interior of San Francisco Roasting Company in Virginia Highlands

The Virginia Highlands storefront, at the intersection of North Highland Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue, has what appears to be an unimposing presence:

However, once you step inside, it is clear there is abundant space and wonderful decorative features.

The glowing neon sign is located near the back of the shop. Downstairs is where the roasting of the beans happens on a weekly basis.

Interior of San Francisco Roasting Company’s Virginia Highlands location.

Interior of San Francisco Roasting Company’s Virginia Highlands location.

A wonderful and unique component of San Francisco Roasting Company’s Virginia Highland shop is the incorporation of a “Little Free Library” (even if unofficial) within the coffee shop.

Take a book, leave a book.

Seating arrangements.

The side room contains comfortable leather chairs and tables to get some work done.

Looking at the coffee beans at San Francisco Roasting Company.

An interesting design element at San Francisco Roasting Company.

Plenty of freshly roasted coffee beans for sale at San Francisco Roasting Company.

Plenty of mugs to service customers in peak times.

At the front counter at San Francisco Roasting Company.

Espresso, mocha, cappuccino, and latte coasters.

Preparing a fresh cup of coffee.

The pour.

A decadent cappuccino prepared at San Francisco Roasting Company. The portions here are generous.

The Patio at San Francisco Roasting Company

One of the coolest aspects at San Francisco Roasting Company’s Virginia Highlands location is the back patio and the beautiful artwork that adorns it. A sense of wanderlust can sweep you away as you adorn a scene featuring London (or perhaps Paris or Venice with the fountains), a beach, or even the nearby N. Highland & Amsterdam scene from Atlanta yesteryear.

The covered back patio San Francisco Roasting Company.

The back patio at San Francisco Roasting Company.

A close-up from art painted at the back wall at San Francisco Roasting Company.

One more cup of coffee for the road.

San Francisco Roasting Company is an all-around wonderful coffee shop in the Atlanta area: plenty of space to relax or get work done, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and of course, delicious coffee.

Note: there are three locations of San Francisco Roasting Company in the Atlanta area, but this post profiled the Virginia Highlands location only. Look for future updates from the other two spots on this blog in the near future!

San Francisco Roasting Company
Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Address: (Virginia Highlands location)
1192 North Highland Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
Google Maps link
ph: 404-876-8816

Hours of operation:
Monday-Saturday: 7AM to 7PM
Sunday: 7AM to 7PM

Coffee and Elixirs at Gilly Brew Bar in the Historic Mayor's House in Stone Mountain, GA

Gilly Brew Bar is located in the historic Mayor’s House in Stone Mountain, GA. Husband and wife team Daniel and Shellane Brown have worked together over the last three years to convert this vintage white home into a collection of businesses; the first completed phase was Gilly Brew Bar, a coffee shop with an eclectic coffee and tea menu. Future expansions call for a restaurant under the same roof at The Mayor’s House.

A brief profile of Stone Mountain, The Mayor’s House, and the opening of Gilly Brew Company is featured in the video below.

Here is how Daniel Brown, founder of Gilly Brew Bar, described the project and its purpose to bring community to Stone Mountain, GA:

As we dug deeper into this project, we quickly realized that we are positioned between a rock (Stone Mountain Park) and a hard place (City Hall Municipality). The largest stone mass in the world sits in our backyard, and it draws millions of visitors year round, making it Georgia’s top tourist destination. However, Stone Mountain Village is arguably one of the most negatively branded cities in America. Ironically and unfortunately, this mountain has also been the canvas of the largest confederate monument in the United States. This message has been very difficult to ignore, and for many, nearly impossible to forget. The racial divide and questionable history here have resulted in an under-developed downtown area, and dying sense of community. This is where our vision steps in: We believe that this property and dream will become the catalyst for transformation in Stone Mountain, GA.

In a true sense of community, Daniel Brown also envisions The Mayor’s House to serve as a collaborative work environment for local area entrepreneurs and business owners.

I had the chance to visit The Mayor’s House and Gilly Brew Bar a couple of weeks after it held its grand opening in June 2018. Photos from my visit to Gilly Brew Bar are below.

Daniel Brown, owner of Gilly Brew Bar, prepares my order. The Jamaican flag and the Union Jack are a reminder of Daniel’s family/relatives who have called Jamaica and the U.K. home.

The drinks at Gilly Brew Bar are based on a cocktail approach (they are called elixirs). The elixirs are rotated seasonally (a selection of the fall and winter elixirs appear on Gilly Brew Company’s YouTube channel).

The summer elixir menu at Gilly Brewing Company.

At the counter at Gilly Brew Bar.

During my visit, I decided to order “The Bey” per recommendation from Daniel. It was half lemonade, half cold brew coffee. Here is how Gilly Brew Bar describes “The Bey” from its summer collection:

The Bey is our most aesthetic beverage and is inspired by the Arnold Palmer and Yonce herself. Not only is this drink drop dead gorgeous, but it’s equally as delicious. The mellow mix of lemonade, basil, and cold brew leave you feeling chic and lively. In honor of Queen Bee we’ve even sweetened this one with a bit of honey. A big shoutout to all the ladies on this one. Take some swigs of the Bey and be reminded who runs the world…

The Bey, named after (and inspired by) Beyoncé.

The coffee and lemonade combination of The Bey was sublime and so very refreshing. I had never thought that lemonade and coffee could go so well together!

Naturally, I took the Bey to Gilly’s outdoor patio to enjoy it there:

The Bey at the outdoor patio at Gilly Brew Company.

The outdoor patio at Gilly Brew Bar is dog-friendly :-).

Looking toward the main entrance of Gilly Brew Bar.

The Mayor’s House in Stone Mountain Village was built in the 1800’s and was the residence of Mayor Andrew Johnson during the time of the Civil War. After renovations were completed, Gilly Brew Bar has an upstairs area which visitors can explore and/or drink their beverages.

View of Gilly Brew Bar from the stairs leading up to the second floor of The Mayor’s House.

Summer Elixirs were profiled in the second floor of Gilly Brew Bar.

The upstairs space at The Mayor’s House has ample sunlight.

A natural look—note the moss—adorns the walls of Gilly Brewing Company.

Gilly Brew Bar interior.

Gilly Brew Bar is located outside the perimeter in Atlanta, but it is definitely worth a trip to try their unique take on coffee concoctions with such seasonal elixirs as the Bey, the Hippie, Americoco, and the Gilbert. The beautiful historical setting and the very friendly owner(s) at Gilly only add to the amazing experience there. I highly recommend checking out Gilly Brew Bar if you’re in the Atlanta area.

Also, keep an eye out on the expansion of The Mayor’s House, as there are plans for a restaurant to arrive in the space in early 2019.

Gilly Brew Bar
Web | Facebook | Instagram

5329 Mimosa Dr.
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Google Maps link

Hours of operation:
Monday-Thursday: 8AM to 8PM
Friday: 9AM to 6PM
Saturday: 9AM to 9PM
Sunday: closed

Taproom Coffee & Beer in the Historic Kirkwood Neighborhood of Atlanta

It’s mid-afternoon on the weekend: do you go for a cup of coffee or a craft beer? At Taproom Coffee & Beer in the historic Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, the choice is yours: the menu consists of a nice selection of coffee plus seven to ten craft beers on tap (during my visit, I decided to try out one of the draft beers on tap).

Taproom Coffee is a great local spot in Atlanta tightly integrated into the Kirkwood community. The coffee is from a local roaster (and coffee shop) East Pole Coffee Company, many of the draft beers are from local Atlanta/Georgia breweries, and the pastries and other food items are fresh from another Atlanta-based vendor, H&F Bread Co. 

A few photos from Taproom Coffee are below.

The exterior of Taproom Coffee & Beer.

Interior of Taproom Coffee. The coffee for sale is from East Pole Coffee Company, a local Atlanta coffee roaster and coffee shop.

Lights on! The blues add a nice contrast against the golden glow.

Taproom Coffee is proud of its Kirkwood location and community.

A draft beer I ordered.

As of 10/1/2018, the following beers are available on draft at Taproom Coffee:

  • Wrecking Bar Breaking Bob

  • Brewery Ommegang Rosetta Kriek

  • Second Self Triforce

  • Wild Heaven Wise Blood

  • Reformation Cadence

  • Orpheus Sykophantes

  • Gate City Terminus

  • Southern Tier Pumking

  • Dogfish Head Bitches Brew

Artwork inside Taproom Coffee.

At the front counter of Taproom Coffee.

The coffee/tea menu is straightforward.

If beer/coffee/tea is not your style, you could always go for wine…

Coffee for sale from East Pole Coffee Co.

A selection of fresh pastries, cookies, and muffins are available.

If you prefer to have your coffee/beer at the bar, Taproom Coffee does not disappoint.

Interior of Taproom Coffee.

One interesting item of note: Taproom Coffee owner Jonathan Pascual advertises his consulting services to help individuals/businesses in starting a coffee business.

You can follow Taproom Coffee on Instagram, Facebook, or their blog. Also, there are a number of events happening at Taproom Coffee every month. For example, on 10/23/2018, Taproom Coffee held a free Home Coffee Brewing Class. Check the event page for details on upcoming events.

Taproom Coffee
1963 Hosea L Williams Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30317
Google Maps link
ph: 404-464-5435

Operating hours:
Monday-Thursday: 6:30AM to 10PM
Friday: 6:30AM to 9PM
Saturday: 7:30AM to 9PM
Sunday: 7:30AM to 8PM

Buteco Coffeehouse & Bar in Grant Park, Atlanta

Located in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Buteco Coffee & Bar is a Brazilian-inspired coffeehouse and bar. Here is how this new shop, opened earlier in 2018, describes itself:

Inspired by the bold flavors, the dynamic cultural vibes, and the sense of community at traditional Brazilian neighborhood bars, Buteco provides full espresso and coffee/tea service from 7 a.m. through the afternoon. Buteco's bar emphasizes cachaça-based cocktails (like Brazil's national drink, the Caipirinha), craft beer, cider, wine, and mixed drinks.

At the center of Buteco's main bar room is a custom-made maple bar top and a set of custom fitted repurposed tables, seats, shelving, and other furniture.

During my visit, I ordered a cappuccino and Brazil’s national drink, the Caipirinha. A set of photos showcasing Buteco are below.

Preparing the cappuccino.

The pour.


The final touch.

Buteco features several beers on tap. On this particular afternoon: Monday Night Scotch Ale, Foothill People’s Porter, New Belgium Pumpkin, Terrapin Pils, and Lone Rider Hefeweizen.

On the menu…

Buteco is partnered with Intelligentsia coffee.

Old lockers beautifully repurposed to serve as a counter/storage/shelf for coffee lids, sugar, napkins, and other supplies.

The signage on the men’s bathroom.

The signage on the women’s bathroom.

Full bar at Buteco.

Preparation of the Brazilian national drink, the Caipirinha.

Preparation of the Brazilian national drink, the Caipirinha.

The pour of the Caipirinha.

A Bloody Mary was a popular choice this Saturday afternoon.

Window ornament at Buteco, left.

Window ornament at Buteco, center.

Mural by Atlanta’s Alex Ferror inside Buteco. See Alex’s Instagram post detailing his artwork.

Eclectic shelving at Buteco.

The front counter at Buteco.

The coffee, tea, and soft drink menu at Buteco. Note the artwork to the left and the cavaquinho, a small Portuguese string instrument, at the top.

The Caipirinha that I ordered. Delicious!

Buteco is a really cool coffee/drink spot in Grant Park which I will come back to. The menu is extensive, the atmosphere is friendly, and the parking is plentiful.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of Buteco seems to be the integration of music events at their space. For instance, Music Industry Mondays look to be a recurring event at Buteco. Check the event page for details.

Buteco Coffee & Bar
1039 Grant Street SE, Suite C10
Atlanta, GA 30315
Google Maps link
ph: 404-963-2929

Hours of operation:

Monday-Thursday: 7AM to 11PM
Friday: 7AM to midnight
Saturday: 8AM to midnight
Sunday: 8AM to 10PM

Coffee with a View at Chattahoochee Coffee Company in Vinings, GA

Coffee with a view...

This is what you may expect when you visit Chattahoochee Coffee Company (Vikings location), which offers amazing views of the Chattahoochee River and surrounding forested nature...as well as a delicious selection of coffee.

However, to get here is not simply a matter of finding a parking space. The coffee house is located at the back of a residential apartment complex (The Walton on Chattahoochee). There is a gated entry and to get inside the complex you must dial 101 (alternatively, using the arrows on the visitor entry touchpad, scroll down to “Coffee Shop” in the directory). Then say “Coffee” or “Coffee Shop” and you should be granted entrance. It took me about five minutes to figure out the dial pad (never mind that I missed the turn into the complex on my first drive), but it was worth it!

If you want a unique coffee experience in a nature setting in Atlanta, definitely make the trek to Chattahoochee Coffee Company in Vinings. The only downside is that the Chattahoochee Coffee Company by the Chattahoochee River is not open on Saturday or Sunday! Otherwise, it’s definitely worth the visit during the work week.

Photos from Chattahoochee Coffee Company (Vinings/riverside location) are below.

Chattahoochee Coffee Company building.

Another angle of the picturesque setting.

The main coffee ordering area of Chattahoochee Coffee Company. Espresso drinks, brewed coffee, and tea are on the menu.

Chattahoochee Coffee Company serves Counter Culture coffee.

Looking around the coffee shop.

I ❤️ Coffee.

Coffee on the extensive outdoor patio/deck of Chattahoochee Coffee Company.

Outdoor views. Wouldn’t it be nice to lounge in one of those chairs?

Another outdoor view from Chattahoochee Coffee Company’s patio.

It was a misty/rainy evening, so not a lot outside activity.

Inside Chattahoochee Coffee Company.

Some friends chatting over coffee.

Exit, stage left.

The Vinings (riverside) location of Chattahoochee Coffee Company sits on one of the most picturesque plots of land in Atlanta. It is absolutely worth a visit to taste some amazing coffee and immerse yourself with the surrounding nature.

Take a stroll on the verdant grass, lounge on the long porch, or relax on one of the chairs next to the Chattahoochee River. Read a book. Meditate. You cannot go wrong at Chattahoochee Coffee Company, perhaps one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets!

Chattahoochee Coffee Company (Vinings / Riverside location)
6640 Akers Mill Rd. SE 
Atlanta, GA 30339
Google Maps link
ph: 770-955-0788

Hours of operation:

Monday-Friday: 7AM to 8PM
Saturday-Sunday: closed