Coffee and Beignets at Caffé Bela in the Westside Neighborhood of Atlanta

There aren’t too many places in Atlanta where you can get authentic New Orleans beignets. Luckily, you can get your coffee fix and try out delicious, made-to-order beignets at Caffé Bella, located in the Blandtown neighborhood in the Westside/West Midtown of Atlanta (within the Apex West Midtown apartment complex).

I visited this unassuming place in 2018, and had a wonderful experience chatting with the owner, Stephanie Thomas. Stephanie spent eight years studying the art of coffee sourcing and preparation (including time spent in Nicaragua) before opening up Caffé Bella. Stephanie’s training was at the Bellissimo Coffee School in Portland, OR and Counter Culture Coffee in Atlanta, GA.

While coffee, tea, and beignets are the focus of Caffé Bella, there is also a lunch menu as well as a wine and beer bar. You can peruse the entire menu here.

Photos from a visit to Caffé Bella are below.

Exterior of Caffé Bella in the Westside neighborhood of Atlanta. There is free parking inside the Apex Apartment complex.

It is hard to be at $5 beignets!

Interior of Caffé Bella. There is plenty of light inside the space.

Interior of Caffé Bella.

Details from inside Caffé Bella.

Of course, you have to order the beignets if you come to Caffé Bella. The beignets are prepared in less than ten minutes from your order. The beignets were beautifully presented and were delicious. No need to travel to New Orleans to try authentic beignets!

The beignets at Caffé Bella. Warm and delicious!

Another view of the beignets prepared at Caffé Bella.

Caffé Bella has a rotating coffee menu every week.

One can also order roasted coffee beans to go.

A sample of beer and wine available at Caffé Bella.

Front counter of Caffé Bella.

After chatting with Stephanie during my visit, it was evident that Caffé Bella aims to serve as a community spot for locals who enjoy great coffee and conversations. Stephanie is a woman on a mission, as her coffee cup reiterates. The shop is spacious and the people working at Caffé Bella are so friendly.

If you are looking to taste some authentic beignets, check out Caffé Bella in the Westside district. Don’t forget to use the #CoffeeTeaBeignets hashtag if you are posting any of your photos on social media.

Caffé Bella
Web | Facebook | Instagram

1133 Huff Rd NW Suite F
Atlanta, GA 30318
Google Maps link
ph: 404-549-9116

Hours of operation:
Monday-Wednesday: 7AM to 7PM
Thursday-Saturday: 7AM to 9PM
Sunday: 9AM to 4PM